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 Post subject: Jim -- your GM style in the 1970's
 Post Posted: Thu Dec 29, 2016 2:35 am 
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Hey, Jim -- I'm reading this little book called "Hawk & Moor" that talks about the early days of RPG design, particularly in the days pre-OD&D, and the author describes Dave's and Gary's styles of being a GM.

Dave is described as being very intuitive and creating rulings for situations on the fly, keeping those rulings in a notebook, and never really organizing things to where another GM might be able to use them effectively.

Gary is described as being very organized and disciplined about his rules design, preferring to have every option considered and ruled upon prior to that situation coming up in game play.

I've had a chance to play at your table, but only after you have had decades to refine how you run METAMORPHOSIS ALPHA. Can you elaborate about your Game Master style in the genesis of the creation of MA? Were you more like Dave or Gary or a blend of the two?

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