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 Post subject: Smaller images
 Post Posted: Sat Jul 13, 2013 7:28 am 
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Gunnery Sergeant - E7
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This isn't a big deal, but as this section of the boards is for suggestions I thought I'd toss in one thing that has occured to me many times. (Apologies if I've suggested it elsewhere; I can't recall and didn't see a thread on it.)

I think that this board would be improved visually by having smaller images. When I go to the 1E section, for example, there are a half dozen sub-boards that see virtually no traffic but take up a lot of screen space because they have images that might be a couple of inches wide and an inch tall. If one could reduce those images by 50% or so in each direction I don't think it would take away from the image but it would allow a person to see more of the board at once. Especially since much of the action actually occurs at the bottom of the section, below all of those sub-boards.

The same thing is true on the main board. The rulebook pictures are pretty, but they don't need to be so large.

For example, here is a small version of the 4E book: Image

Compare this to the one on our boards:Image

While the larger one clearly has better definition, the smaller one gives the main idea and makes the board more space conservative.

Anyway, just a thought.... 8-)

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