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   Way back in 1976, James M. Ward wrote Metamorphosis Alpha, a 32 page role-playing game of science fiction adventures based upon a lost starship. The book was published by TSR Hobbies.

   A lot has happened in the last few years. Goodman Gmes has buplished a gorgeous coffee-table sized collection of the original 32 page game with just about every magazine article (‘cept for about 2) ever published for Metamorphosis Alpha (1st Edition), and has funded a successful Kickstarter for a boxed set of Epsilon City!!!!

    The original rules are still being republished by WardCo. and are still available via RPGNow and DriveThru RPG (use the Buy Our Products link above) as well as errata. You will also see that the first official adventure module, The House On The Hill is also still available.

Of course, the really exciting thing is the sheer number of adventures and supplements available from Goodman Games, which is growing an an enormous rate!

Jim’s game has seen five editions, with Jamie Chambers from SignalFire Studios having released the electronic copy of MA5e!

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While some games have become better known, Metamorphosis Alpha is the grand-daddy of all science fiction role-playing games.

The home of the world’s first sci-fi role-playing game