The Timeline


The Timeline for Metamorphosis Alpha is not the same as the timeline used in Metamorphosis Alpha’s offspring, Gamma World. There are very good, very legal reasons for that. The following timeline is an expanded version of the timeline found in Metamorphosis Alpha 4th Edition, incorporating the events from a number of unreleased, but planned adventures and accessories, including Bonny Brown and Full Circle. A small hint - Earth is destroyed, but then saved by time-travelling heroes :) History gets a bit weird at that point.

A Brief Note On The Timeline

2009 - Europa Lander confirms presence of water on Jupiter’s moon, Europa.

2011 - 1st self-aware AI activated. Eliza functions for 92 days before going insane. Venus Venturer collects geological samples and returns to Earth. Sedna Lander mission fails.

2012 - 2 Day War – Nuclear exchange in the Middle East, resulting in millions of casualties and radioactive contamination of major oil fields.

2014 - Genetically modified crops cross-pollinate unmodified crops across Kansas (USA) and New South Wales (Australia).  Massive backlash against genetically modified crops, riots in USA, protests in Australia.

2015 - United States lands the first man on Mars. China lands manned craft on the Moon.

2016 - Genetic contamination results in birth defects in cattle in Scotland (UK). EU bans sale of genetically modified animal products.

2017 - Mayflower Accident. Mars program cancelled.

2018 - 1st Stable AI created, Albert III.

2019 - Japanese economy collapses, followed by much of Asia shortly thereafter.

2020 to 2023 - China-India Conflict. 18 million dead.

2029 - Melting of the polar ice caps accelerates to 1% per year. 5% rise in sea levels in 5 years.

2030 - UN becomes the United Federation. Strict new world-wide environmental laws passed by UF.

2032 - 1st patented anti-gravity device.

2034 - Pacific Ocean ecosystem collapse. Great Barrier Reef poisoned. Oceania region becomes economically unstable due to food shortages and flooding. 12 million dead.

2035 - EU declared disaster area after severe flooding. 250,000 dead. Cold fusion discovered. Artificial gravity for spacecraft becomes a reality.

2035 to 2039 - EU famine 22 million dead.

2037 - Orbital City I established. 15,000 inhabitants. 1st child born in space.

2039 - Orbital City II and III established. 100,000 inhabitants each.

2045 - Russian scientists clone a Mammoth from DNA extracted from a frozen carcass. Middle-Eastern economy collapses, UF troops deployed to stabilize region.

2046 - Great Barrier Reef begins recovery with assistance of nano-technology. 1st practical anti-gravity unit marketed.

2047 - 500,000 people living in orbit. Verne City built on floor of Atlantic Ocean. Population 2 million.

2048 - Dodo and Tasmanian Tigers cloned from DNA.

2051 - 1st man lands on Europa. Ancient ruins found on Pacific Ocean floor.

2056 - Archaeologist sets off earthquake and beam signal from ruins on Pacific Ocean floor. All communications on Earth blacked out for an hour.

2061 - Reclamation project clears Pacific Ocean. Polar ice cap regeneration project begins.

2063 - Middle-eastern economy stabilizes and granted limited autonomy.

2067 - Cloned whales, dolphins and fish stock released into Pacific Ocean. Pandas returned to forests of China.

2070 - Earth Gene Repository established to preserve the genetic structure of all natural species on Earth.

2073 - Oceania regains economic stability.

2074 - 1st city established on Moon, Hawking City. Population 50,000 in first year.

2077 - Genotype Plague kills 11% of US population in 20 days, 17% of Oceania and 22% of EU. Source of plague unknown, no cure until 2079.

2080 - Lunar Solar Power station starts beaming power back to Earth. Mars program relaunched.

2081 - 1st AI controlled Household Service Robot marketed.

2083 - Microbiological, crystal based life forms and subterranean ice discovered on Mars. War of the Worlds album in top 20 again. Massive public support for space exploration.

2093 – United African States (UAS) defeated by UF forces. Middle Eastern Union granted full autonomy. UAS discovered to be responsible for Genotype Plague.

2095 - 1st colony on Mars. Population 100,000 in 1st year. Start of 1st Colonization Wave.

2096 - United Western Starship Cartel formed to construct and launch Colony Ship (CS) Alpha Centauri.

2099 – CS  Alpha Centauri launched with 10,000 people in cold storage. Ship controlled by AI.

2101 - 1st man on Venus. Regular flights to Moon and Mars begin for immigration purposes. UAS sues for re-entry into UF. UF now consists of: EU – European Union, OC – Oceanic Confederation, PAEB – Pan-Asian Economic Bloc, UAS - United African States, MEU - Middle Eastern Union and the UWA – United Western Alliance

2102 - 1st Humaniform™ Robot marketed.

2111 - Commercial mining of Rings of Saturn begins. 2nd Generation Humaniform ™ Robots released.

2112 - Ship refuelling facilities built at Pluto. 1st Robotic homicide. Humaniform™ recalls all 2nd generation Robots, however nearly 500 remain in hiding.

2113 - First colony ship lands on Venus with 25,000 people. Construction of Bubble Cities commences. Eco-Terrorists targeted UWSC offices in Wellington, NZ with a nano-bomb

2114 - Humaniform™ declared bankrupt after attempting to release Humaniform ™ 3rd Generation Robots to an unreceptive market. 146 of the 3rd Generation Humaniform ™ Robots declared missing. Nano-technology Laws revised and toughened.

2120 - Refuelling facilities expanded to become Trans-Plutonian Shipyards. CS Potemkin hijacked and last reported heading towards deep space. Deep space telemetry disrupted by saboteurs, Eco-Terrorists blamed.

2137 - Economic collapse of EU. Unknown terrorist group releases 2nd Genotype Plague, killing 13% of world population. Orbital City II and VII populations wiped out. Both cities abandoned and quarantined.

2138 to 2150 - World economy collapses. Orbital, Mars and Moon colonies declare independence to prevent assets from being syphoned off. 13 million Humans living off Earth.

2150 - Orbital Colonies, Mars and Luna send aid to Earth. Orbital Colonies rejoin Earth. Garbled emergency transmission received from CS Potemkin.

2152 - 1st Generation Androids released for sale by Manitech Corporation. These are marketed emphasizing their stability compared to the Humaniform ™ Robots. Despite their Android’s lower level of capability, sales exceed Manitech’s expectations.

2155 - Colonies established on Io and two other moons of Jupiter for exploitation of mineral wealth.

2157 - CS Bonnie Brown launched for Alpha Centauri with 50,000 people on board.  Eco-Terrorists captured trying to disrupt launch.

2160 - Terraforming of Mars begins. Regular “tourist” runs to Moon and Orbital Cities.

2172 - Mars Terraforming project fails after atmosphere partially oxygenated. Surface temperatures vary from -36.4 F (-38 C) to 35.6 F (2 C). Eco-Terrorists blamed for failure.

2181 - Distress call from CS Charles de Gaulle received.

2182 – Rescue Ship (RS) Hand of Friendship sent to intercept CS Charles de Gaulle.

2184 - RS Hand of Friendship locates debris from CS Charles de Gaulle, prior to being destroyed in unexplained incident.

2185 - CS Alpha Centauri arrives and establishes first colony outside Sol system. UF establishes the Black Fleet correction facility, in far orbit of sun.

2190 - Asteroid from Jupiter sent to Earth for conversion into experimental generation ship.

2193 - Resource Riots on Earth. Construction on Argo Generation ship halted indefinitely. Argo put in orbit around the Moon.

2197 - Humaniform ™ Robot discovered on Venus after accident. Robot deactivated. Small quantity of debris from CS Charles de Gaulle located, no evidence of RS Hand of Friendship.

2198 – Science Ship (SS) Prometheus launched. First test of Faster Than Light (FTL) drive a success, but prohibitively expensive. FTL drive set to revolutionize space travel.

2208 – Recreational Vessel (RV) Monte Carlo launched to provide luxury services (1st Space Casino) throughout solar system.

2213 – Survey Vessel (SV) Trinder FTL Incident. Ship mothballed in Black Fleet pending further study.

2230 – Medical Ship (MS) Rashleigh dispatched to Alpha Centauri to aid in medical disaster.

2236 - FTL communication discovered. First practical Short range matter transporter. MS Rashleigh returns to Earth.

2239 - Ruins of similar type as those found on Pacific Ocean Floor discovered on Mars. Explorers set off device, sending a beam into deep space. All communications on Mars disrupted. Ruins confirm Mars was once inhabited.

2240 - 1st matter transporter accident, 2 casualties. All work suspended indefinitely.

2241 - 2 Bubble dome cities on Venus crack. 2,500 dead. CS Lady J. Bray arrives at Tau Ceti.

2243 - SS Beagle locates CS Bonnie Brown. All communications cease.

2247 – SS Beagle returns to Earth on autopilot, all crew dead from variant of 2nd Genotype Plague. SS Beagle sent to join Black Fleet.

2257 - Jupiter miners begin acts of piracy.

2262 – Military Vessel (MV) Courageous launched and first mission is to suppress Jupiter piracy. Mission succeeds within 30 days.

2266 - Argo Generation Ship purchased by Manitech and turned into research facility. Argo placed in orbit around Saturn.

2270 - Energy signals detected coming from HR 3384. Possible communications attempt, but scientists are uncertain and debate continues for years.

2276 - Ruins on Mars and Pacific Ocean floor receive signal from deep space. All communications in solar system blacked out for 30 minutes.

2277 - Starship Warden laid down at Trans-Plutonian Spaceyards (TPSY) by United Western Starship Cartel program. CS Asimov launched for Theta Persei.

2281 - PAEB discovered developing genetically engineered “super-soldiers”. Operation exposed by Eco-Extremists, Blue Peace.

2282 - Scientists at Stanley-Robinson University (Mars) demonstrate that Time Travel is possible, but not practical - yet. 1st Chrononaut travels 8 minutes into the past and arrives, waves goodbye to self and tells bewildered scientists that the experiment was a success.

2285 - CS Mohammad declared missing after failing to arrive at 82 G. Erandi. CS Lady Adele launched for 12 Ophiuchi. Eco-Terrorists arrested attempting to sabotage Starship Warden.

2287 - CS Dove launched. Port Ion drive fails due to sabotage. Problems cause both ship and stored passengers to be “mothballed” until solution available. Towed to TPSY for final refit.

2288 - MV Wham, Fleet Missile Carrier engages unidentified vessel during shakedown mission. MV Wham damaged, but other vessel destroyed. Starship Warden lost en-route to Alpha Centauri.

2289 - Earth destroyed by alien fleet. Complete destruction of Earth prevented by members of the crew of the Starship Warden using time travel. The cities of the Earth lie in ruins. Energy pulse wipes out all communications in Sol System, and Starship Warden presumed lost.

2290 -  Sol System survivors based on Jupiter, Mars, the Trans-Plutonian Shipyards and the Black Fleet.

2525 - Starship Warden drifts lost deep in space, and another day dawns in a primitive village on Deck 17. Androids plot the next stage of their war against the Wolfoids and plan to enslave all humans on the Starship Warden.

The Timeline

Image courtesy of NASA - Space Shuttle Tribute