That’s an easy question.

    Jim Ward owns the IP of Metamorphosis Alpha, including all Metamorphosis Alpha articles published in Dragon Magazine.

    WardCo. sells Metamorphosis Alpha material via authorized sellers. The Metamorphosis Alpha Rules and those Dragon Magazine articles are not available legally online from any other source. No exceptions.


Who owns the Metamorphosis Alpha IP and what does that mean?

But [insert website here] hosts a copy of the rules. Surely that’s okay!

Uhhh.... No. It’s not.

    Websites hosting illegal copies of the rules and articles have been asked to remove them. Google, Yahoo! and Scribd have all been issued with take down notices. Torrents and sites hosted in countries with lax IP laws are beyond our control, and we acknowledge that there’s not much that can be done about that.

    However, where possible Jim Ward has stated that he will act to reinforce and protect his IP. This may involve legal action.